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John Mayall, The Mists of Time (Stories, 2002)

Indian J Plast Surg. Puthumana PP 1. Abstract Sushrutha had been viewed in textbooks of plastic surgery as belonging to the caste of potters who performed surgery in India.

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Current Anthropology

When did we become human? What came before us? The physical traces left by the Ice Age are the key to unlocking the story of the Origins of Us. Through the Mists of Time, on level 0 of The Hive, is an immersive experience inspired by the evolution of humans towards the end of the last Ice Age that led to the birth of modern society.

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In particular in the Middle Ages the practice of the Easter egg began to spread. Gifted on the occasion of spring during pagan rites and also donated for Easter according to the new religion.

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A particular coincidence of period. Also in this case the need to embellish simple chicken eggs took hold.

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So how do you make a gift of which we choose paper and ribbon to make it more palatable. At first they boiled to make them firm. Then wrapped in leaves and colored through the maceration of flowers in the same cooking water. But fashion, as we know, changes over time.

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And so here is a more precious garment: silver and gold. Thin metal plates wrapped the shells giving the egg an aristocratic touch. The idea probably appealed to the nobility of the time and favored the birth of artificial eggs. Thus the idea of the egg was born with surprise.

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  • So how do you get to the current chocolate eggs? We have to wait several centuries for this artisan production to evolve.

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    • In fact, from liquid chocolate it will be necessary to switch to solid chocolate , in addition to numerous other refining that will gradually develop into the Easter egg that we know today.