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If you do not attend the retreat, the Application Fee is non-refundable. Located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, Colorado, Sunrise Ranch is a acre, holistically managed ranch with farm-to-table meals. For generations, people have been coming from all over the world for the renewal available in an atmosphere rich with a sense of home.

For Staffing contact: staffingscandinavia pathretreats. Please contact scandinavia pathretreats. The tranquility, peace and quiet surroundings are ideal for inner reflection. Oct 3 — 4, Antwerp, Belgium In English. Take some time away from your daily routine to explore who you are and what you want in this life, engage more honestly with yourself and others, and live with authenticity, passion, courage and purpose.

This weekend workshop from Path Retreats integrates the latest research and understandings in scientific and spiritual development. It presents a revolutionary new way of living, through meditation, inspiration and discovery, which brings a deep sense of inner peace, trust in yourself and others, and happiness. It can give you the tools to be more connected to yourself and others, and the freedom to love your life.

It is a unique process for self-inquiry and for understanding who you are. Through specifically designed meditations, exercises, and individual support from our highly qualified facilitators, this unique process can help to reduce anxiety, depression and isolation, and bring you closer to your inner strength and who you really are.

Find yourself…and experience deeper meaning, connection and greater happiness at this transformational weekend retreat. July 14 — 18, Expressing our curiosity and passion for the truth through inquiry, and our courage and longing through exposure and burns, we will uncover, experience and embody different dimensions of the heart that are essential states of love.

These days, set in the beauty of Corfu, together with the unique Path of Love field, will be a very rich and precious inner journey into our bodies, hearts and beings. Accommodation to be booked separately. For more information, please contact holidayretreat pathoflove. Situated on the Greek island of Corfu in the Mediterranean, Corfu Buddha Hall is located on top of a hill just outside the tiny village of Magoulades, on the northwestern coast of the island. A place for meditative arts, it is a beautiful venue set in an environment that supports and promotes conscious living.

Workshop Description: Walking the Path is a deeply enriching 4-day meditation retreat and personal growth integration for graduates of the 7-Day Path of Love retreat. April 23 — 26, Colorado, USA. Workshop Description: This 5-day teaching retreat is an opportunity for Path of Love graduates to connect and continue our journey of self-exploration in the Path of Love format, combining teaching, meditations, exposure work, and enquiry.

In our current climate of personal and collective trauma and the transition we are in as a human race, compassion is an essential quality to support this crisis. Compassion can hold and dissolve the deepest pain. We will explore the split within ourselves between presence and absence…the split that holds our narcissistic wounding and sense of deficiency, our identities and attachments…and our subsequent loss of connectedness to ourselves, to each other, and to the Divine.

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To access compassion in our hearts is a gift to ourselves and to the world. We find the place where we can take wise action from a place of presence and kindness, rather than judgement and absence. This retreat will be held at the Osho Leela Meditation Center. They provide daily meditations, group processes, events, workshops, and celebrations to help people become more aware and present. Oct 31 — Nov 7, Germany In German. For Staffing contact: staffingdeutschland pathoflove. Please contact deutschland pathoflove.

May 16 — 23, Gut Helmeringen, Germany. Nov 22, Stockholm, Sweden In English. This introductory event allows you to find out how and why Path of Love is truly life-changing. Established 22 years ago in India, now in 14 countries around the world, and in 6 languages, the Path of Love 7 Day residential retreat has helped thousands of people to make profound and lasting shifts towards living a more fullfilling and passionate life. We all have a longing for love and to be seen and heard.

It might seem so, because the conditional and unconditional rarely overlap. It is even more problematic to accept love when one does receive it.

4 Ancient Philosophical Kinds of Love

Partners feel lonely and disconnected from each other, even if the marriage looks good to others. Actually, striving after it removes us from the experience. He believes that we can glimpse it through mindfulness meditation. By observing our breath, we become more present and can appreciate our basic goodness. In mediation and in therapy, we find those places we choose to hide from ourselves and others.

In trying to reform ourselves, we necessarily create inner conflict, which alienates us from our true self and self-acceptance.

It reflects the belief that we can love ourselves provided we change. That is conditional love. It motivates us to seek unconditional love from others, when we need to give it to ourselves. The more we fight against ourselves, the more we constrict our hearts.

How to Manifest a Blissful Soul-Based Relationship

Instead of self-judgment, exploration and empathy are necessary. People often enter therapy to change themselves, but hopefully come to accept themselves. Shame causes problems in relationships, as explained in my book, Conquering Shame. Our self-defeating beliefs and defensive behavior patterns, which were developed in childhood to protect us from shame and emotional abandonment, prevent intimate connection in our adult relationships. Like compliments we deflect or distrust, we can only receive as much love as we believe we deserve — why McCullers and Firestone agree that receiving love can pose the biggest obstacle to having it.

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Moreover, healthy relationships necessarily demand the openness and honesty of assertive communication, which also requires self-esteem. Relationships can provide a path to opening the frozen places in our hearts. Love can melt a closed heart. However, maintaining that openness demands courage.

The struggle for intimacy challenges us to continually reveal ourselves. Healing happens not so much through acceptance by our partner, but in our own self-disclosure. This also happens in a therapeutic relationship. Only we can do that.

Law of Attraction: Soul Mate & Unconditional Love

McCullers, C. Firestone, R. Read more. Driven men, successful men, and entrepreneurial men all have something in common… They all yearn for an emotionally fulfilling relationship. Shereen Stone - November 25, 0. Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture and we will select the best captions to publish it with the image and your name after 49 hours. Wise pick for the image will be published on 28 November captionthis caption.

Caption This. Caption this — 25 November Wai Sheng Ng, Psy. They both may look like polar opposites, when in fact, they are the same! When you are letting go of something, you are actually choosing to hold on to something else. Theo Harrison - November 25, 0. Dating is hard. Finding love is harder. But what is even harder is to go on a date and find true love as a strong and independent woman.

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The Good Men Project - November 25, 0. What if someone can unconsciously or accidentally gaslight another individual? What if gaslighting is a spectrum and not an absolute? Editor's Pick. Shweta Advani - December 9, 0. So pay heed, move on and find someone who is.

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