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This copybook is much less ornamental than the previous one, it contains some basic models of words, phrases and texts, as well as beautiful examplar of capitals. This is one of his best known publications, where he explains the rules of the round hand. This booklet contains a set of elegant capitals in the round hand. This is a very simple looking copybook, in the style typical of the end of the 18th century. The models include longer texts and sober layouts. The copy seems incomplete.

This manual contains much more information on an array of subjects useful for tradesmen. Duval explains how to write, how to choose which hand to write according to the type of document, how to tackle layouts for a variety of documents, how to formulate letters… as well as instructions about arithmetics and accounting.

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The last part of the book shows that Royllet was very analytical in his approach, some of his detractors made fun of him saying that one had to be anatomist and geometrician to understand his book. Together, these two masters managed to perfect the French art of writing, giving a more elegant and majestic look to the three French hands.

Louis Rossignol was a little older than Royllet, but just as talented and much more liked and respected by his peers. Rossignol , This is his major publication. Like many other treatise on the art of writing, it consists of a first part in letterpress where the author rigourously explains the theory of calligraphy, and a second part illustrated with masterfully engraved plates of examples unfortunately, the scan does not do justice to the work of the engraver.


His analysis of the various rules that govern the art of writing is very interesting and precious to calligraphers. Because he spent a lot of time studying the works of his predecessors, he was probably one of the most knowledgeable writing masters in France in the second part of the 18th century. This is only an extract, the full version translated into Italian can be seen here. A text transcription of the French article can be found here , illustrations included. In this book, Royllet shows again his talent for analysing every little aspect of writing.

Pouget worked as an artist working in the field of jewelry. This book is a manual explaining how to draw monograms.

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The examples of the English Round Hand in this book are also very beautiful. This volume is followed by a copy of J.

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  • La nouvelle ronde (Vol. 1, No. 8, January ).
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  • Gabriel Laurent was responsible for a reform of the Ronde, only two plates illustrate his book. Saintomer was a very successful writing teacher, who essentially instructed merchants. Even though he had a very high opinion of himself, he was not as talented as his reputation would suggest, but he was a very good teacher.

    Another version of the title page can be seen here. Like most French publications on the art, it contains a few letterpressed pages dedicated to the theory, followed by plates of illustration. It is an interesting publication, that perpetuated the transmission of the traditions linked to the profession of Maitre Ecrivain. This interesting manuel was written in French by a Dutch writing teacher. It consists of thorough explanations on all things connected to handwriting, especially when it comes to instructing children. If you understand French, you may find some useful information in there.

    This book was written in Dutch and in French and consists of a mathematical demonstration of writing principles. It is not precisely a copybook but it shows in detail how to draw each letter in Roman capitals and lowercase based on typographic models , italic romans, French bastard and some gothic hands, including Dutch ornate capitals.

    Numbers ar not forgotten… This is going to be especially useful to hand letterers. This collection of manuscripts from various Dutch calligraphers includes examples of Dutch and French hands.

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    Polanzani was a reputable Italian engraver. The book shows examples of a cursive script close to the French Batarde.

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    Contains examples of the English round hand. Examples of a hand inspired from the French Ronde and Batarde, that was quite frequent in early 19th century italian copybooks. Palomares was a paleographer and pioneer in the study of Spanish historical hands, he was concerned by the decline of Spanish calligraphy and, with his book, instituted a revival in the art of fine writing.

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    Servidori set aside the teachings of Morante and Palomares in favor the English Round Hand, which he preferred. In his informed opinion, the English writing masters had best succeeded in developing a hand that was both beautiful and practical. He admired the works of Snell and Shelley in particular. All the plates are in the second volume. The models of capital letters are still very influenced by the Italian Hand and the works of Dutch masters, with some very peculiar looking variations. A Puppet configuration manager for puppet agent, master, and puppetdb.

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