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Time has not curbed its drive. The Low Road is an average ballad, but the souped-up flip could give you palpitations. Six copies are known to exist. This LP hardly sold and is now one of the top 70s rarities. These test pressings exist. A handful of copies in finished picture sleeves that credit Independence Day as the B-side. When officially released in February , the B-side was changed to Be True. Only 50 finished sleeves in the smaller format are thought to have been made. EMI had to contract Beatles pressings out to other companies to meet demand.

In the wake of the film and the first landing on the moon, Philips thought that they had a hit on their hands. This item seems to suggest that there were plans to launch the record in an eye-catching picture sleeve, which was uncommon for UK singles at the time.

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It was subsequently issued in mono and went Top 5. There are only two known copies in circulation of six cut. This Northampton band, led by Steve Giles on guitar and vocals, found it hard to make headway performing original material. Giles took Dark into a studio in April , but when they went back for five days in the line-up had changed to Giles, Ron Johnson bass , Clive Thorneycroft drums and Martin Weaver guitar. This second version of the record is limited to eight copies and comes in a black-and- white handmade gatefold sleeve, some containing a booklet. US copies are cheap, but there are only a handful of UK pressings.

They were especially reticent when Lennon submitted the naked photo he wanted to use for the cover. Most of these mono copies were destroyed when Lennon demanded that the record be remixed in stereo.

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Lazy Day and a follow-up did not hit, and album sessions were halted after eight songs. The band was dropped by Decca.


Test pressings were made of a track LP, as well as a small number of albums with labels in finished sleeves. There are four known copies of the finished LP with labels. The grooves were packed with psych-tinged pop, with guest appearances from The Small Faces, Nicky Hopkins and an orchestra. This band gets another entry with a small private pressing of their album: 12 copies in colour sleeves and booklet inserts — super rare.

As well as the vinyl there was a goblet, handkerchief, menu cards, boxes of matches — even a pen. This price is for the lot. EMI only made a small pressing of each batch in stereo, and this first pressing has famed Dick James Music credits.

Randy Travis: Grammy-winning country star who found peace at the Cross

Not so. There are three known copies of this item. Anti-social behaviour saw the band thrown off the label like a shot. Though 20, copies of God Save The Queen were pressed, most were destroyed, making it vitally collectable. These few acetates were deployed by the late Malcolm McLaren to secure the band a new deal and gigs after the EMI debacle.

The labels reproduced the original with no mention of The Quarry Men. At Christmas, George, Ringo and others received copies. It has never materialised on eBay. You can imagine the excitement and pride when they got home and gathered around a 78rpm record player to listen to their efforts.

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Registered in England. Company No. Register here. More Information. Got any news or live dates? Send it to tim. New Spirits! Music, Music, Music. Cosmic Rock! If Alfred Hitchcock had done a "Black Mirror" episode, it would go pretty much like this. A frosty blonde antihero Andrea Riseborough tries to outsmart a relentless insurance adjuster. A rodent gets involved. Sentiment-free, it's the most "Black Mirror" episode of "Black Mirror.

No episode of "Black Mirror" will leave you feeling worse about humanity than this one.

The ultimate prank is on you. Oh, also? It could happen. Similar things have already happened. And it's one of many episodes that remind us to never let anyone make a digital copy of your soul. By far the most ambitious "Black Mirror," "Bandersnatch" does something never before attempted in serious drama, using the "Choose Your Own Adventure" format to ask provocative questions about free will and power.

Part film, part video game, it's incredibly impressive, and builds a complicated, stunning alternate-reality that we're still navigating. The one flaw is that the lack of a consistent narrative makes it hard to completely engage with the characters.

KUWTK: Kanye West 'surprised his wife with $14m gift' - Emirates24|7

This is the episode that probably hits closest to home: We think about it every time we get in a Lyft or consider writing a negative Yelp review. As soon as it ended we tweeted how much we loved it, then waited to see if anyone would retweet us, and What's wrong with them?

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  • What's wrong with us? What's wrong is very hard to explain, but it revolves around a video game obsession shared by her husband Anthony Mackie and his former roommate Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. This is one of the scariest episodes of "Black Mirror," because the fear of a relationship disintegrating is so well-grounded. But there's also a beautiful resolution. We don't say this lightly: This episodes stands alongside "All Quiet on the Western Front" and "Full Metal Jacket" as one of the best stories about how war really works.

    Odo mentions she can't leave the holosuite. Vic intervenes and Odo abruptly shuts down, part because he was lied to and part because he couldn't explain himself to Kira. Odo storms out of the holosuite. Kira, alone turns to Vic, who sees the night is done and shuts off the program himself. On the next day, Vic contacts Odo again, insistent that it was time to talk to Kira for real, and that the night was worthwhile.

    Embarrassed, Odo says he can't imagine what Kira thinks of him now, and shuts off the communication. Meanwhile, Kira is talking with Dax and asks her if she's ever experienced a moment of true clarity. Dax admits she has twice, but that's across all eight of her lifetimes and warns Kira that true clarity is rare and fleeting; it must be acted on straight away before doubt can begin to cloud it.

    At this moment, Kira sees Odo emerge from his office and experiences another moment of clarity. This time, she decides to act on it immediately. Kira approaches Odo, more distant and cold than ever and determined to forget the previous evening, but Kira demands the chance to talk about what happened but over dinner insisting they go anywhere but a holosuite.

    Odo asks about her relationship with Shakaar, and Kira insists there is no relationship; her visit was purely to update him on the war and the two are nothing more than friends. The conversation seems increasingly angry to everyone around as Kira asks again about dinner, Odo sarcastically asks what will happen afterward, and Kira suggests dancing. Odo goes for broke and suggests Kira might expect him to kiss her after a date, and Kira replies that perhaps she would.