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By marvelling, questioning, and prophesying. Had he not seen and looked at enough men already? Yes, of course. But with this look he saw a man with more power than any he had ever seen. This look was with the eyes of the heart, which are called Reason and Understanding. With these eyes, he saw that this was not just a man like any other, but one who was full of power. But he did not know yet which of these powers were from God or from the Devil. This is why he enquired cautiously, and asked humbly who he was. Ensement avint de Jesu nostre Salveur e de plusurs Gius [55] e de autres poestis humes del siecle.

La waine de ceste espee fud la lettre de la lei.

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Ceste espee fud deswainee e desnuee des icele ure, ke en la lumere de vertuz e de miracles furent aparisantes tutes les choses ke furent de. Jesu Crist prophetizees en figure e en umbre. La presence Deu est confusiun de deable e de felun. Deske ces serrunt desliez e arere dos jetez,.

Thus it came about with Jesus our Saviour, and some of the Jews and some of the other powerful men of the world. They were long in doubt about the Saviour, but once they knew him in the light of his great miracles, and that he fulfilled the law spiritually, then straight away they converted to him and received his commandments. Otherwise he would never have worshipped him, unless he recognized him and knew for certain he was God. The scabbard of this sword was the letter of the law. The sword was unsheathed and bared from this moment, so that by the light of power and miracles all those things that were prophesied figuratively and shadowed forth of Jesus Christ should be made apparent.

Shoes are made from the hide of dead animals, and signify the mortal sins with which the body, whose soul is hastening towards celestial peace, is encumbered. As soon as they are unfastened and thrown away behind us,. Jericho signefie cest mund sicume vus avez [oi] en [f. Cel hum ert Adam ki descendi de Parais en cest peccherus mund e se embati entre pecchez e vices ki a larun suppernnent hume. Matheu li Evangelistes suna premer sa buisine en.

Marcus ensement. Lucas e Johan a haute voiz preecherent ensement [] cume li prestre ki des buisines entunerent. E Peres e Jacob les buisines de lur epistres sunerent. Reason will then tell us how we can baffle our spiritual enemies and destroy their trickery. On the seventh day they arose in the morning, and the walls of Jericho came tumbling down as it was told earlier, in the history. The cult of idols, the deceptions of soothsayers, the sorcery of enchanters, all these things together are like walls around the world.

Peter and James sounded the trumpets of their Epistles. This was the noble Saint Paul, for by the doctrine of his fourteen epistles together, like the thundering sound of loud long trumpeting, the cult of idols fell and the deceitful doctrine of philosophers was proved false. I Pet. This means that if we want to crush the wiles and trickery of the Devil, it is necessary for our life and our will to be united in accord with the holy teaching of the apostles and the evangelists. For some of these, let him practise blowing; in others, sing.

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Sing the hymns and spiritual songs! He must hold and perform this spiritually; he must take care that his myriad thoughts and senses, which multiply in his heart as populations multiply, should be of one single purpose and not duplicated, be stable and not floating, must persevere and be in accordance with Holy Scripture.

Aïe Aïe Aïe !

His heart and his outward looks should be in true unity and concordance; never feigning a sweet expression with treachery in the heart. He must not speak truth at the same time as soiling himself by speaking lies to powerful men to flatter them.

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He must not be arrogant and presumptuous towards lowly and humble people, nor cowardly and cringing towards the high and proud. Vienge vus en [] memorie le fait Jesu Crist meimes. Il mist hors del temple les marchanz e espandi le metal as changeurs. Ne ceals ki marchandise demeinent ne deivent corperel [] benefice par personage ne par pruverage en Seinte Eglise aveir. A peine puent marchanz vivre sanz peril de lur alme de lur purchaz seculer.

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He threw the merchants out of the temple, and scattered the metal [coins] of the money-changers. That is, to affirm truth for lies, or lies for truth; nor to account good for evil or evil for good. For this changing is against the right. Nor may those who practise commerce receive any worldly benefits from being a parson or being a priest in Holy Church.

Merchants can barely live without danger to their souls, from their worldly earnings. Puis jeo tuz chastier?

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De cest cors est oil. Tu es pastur e veiz les oeilles tun seignur es gules des leuns [de] vurables e nes vulez rescure. Tu les veiz waer 77 el mareis e la mer munte e tu ne te volz mettre en lur cuntre ne pur els hucher ne els par cri de chastiement rapeler. Quant tu es si negligent, ben pert ke tu ne prenz nent esample del. E quant il la truvat, sur ses espaulles al ciel la porta. Is this merciful, to let one offso that others will take the opportunity to sin?

How can I reprove them all? Have I got to punish everybody? They must always keep in mind that one sick sheep may infect the whole flock.

Jesus Christ, who is one God in unity with true faith, contains us and joins us together. Of this body, the eye is the man who is stationed as guardian of Holy Church. If you are the one so stationed, keep watch and look around everywhere, prepare yourself against the dangerous things that could happen. And when he found it, he carried it on his shoulders back to heaven. And if one of those who is taught and chastised once, twice, three times but does not mend his ways, then you must do what the wise doctor does. Expedit enim ecclesie absque scandalizante manu introire in regnum celorum quam cum illa mitti in gehennam.

Ensement est de pecchur. Eglise ki de li prenge cure ne par almones ne par ureisuns faire ne il en tantes biens [] de Seinte Eglise partire ne puet. Ensement avint en la ruine de Jericho. Oez, vieus gent maleuree, cument ceste pute femme Raab est ajuinte a la maignee Israel. It is better for Holy Church to enter the Kingdom of Heaven without its shameful right hand than to be thrown, with it and because of it, into the sulphurous fires of Hell. And if it cannot heal everything, it anoints it and plasters it up, cauterizing as best it can.

But as soon as it is cut off from the body, it cannot be cauterized or given good healing; consequently it is thrown out to the dogs or the carrion-birds, or to rot. As long as he wallows in sin, and is therefore rightly excommunicated and cut off from the community of Holy Church; until he becomes repentant and thinks of making peace with it, Holy Church does not allow care to be taken of him: not by alms, or prayers for him, and he may not take part in the good things of Holy Church. At the same time, if any member holds onto his place in the body without hope of healing, nor stops putrefying, the wise ones will have him cut off.

Otherwise the whole body will quickly putrefy into dead flesh, because of one putrid member.