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How can the diverse and sometimes confusing range of perspectives in the bible join together in one picture?

Sigurd Grindheim shows students how this picture can be seen as that of the Triune God, the God who interacts. God makes human beings who enjoy a peaceful relationship with him. This relationship is broken because of sin, but God continues to reach out to human beings through covenants. Human failure to be faithful shows that God needs to intervene in a more direct way.

Introducing Biblical Theology

In his son Jesus Christ, he comes to earth and brings reconciliation. Grindheim draws on insights from scholarship and tradition to answer the major questions and presents them in a highly accessible form, using examples, revision questions and charts. This book is written specifically for students at the start of courses in the Bible, Theology and Ministry, and for those searching for a deeper understanding of the theology of the Christian bible.

Perfect Union: The Last Things. This book fills a gap in the market and will be especially useful for those for whom English is not their first language. The concise presentation of the material, the relevant questions, and competent answers that he presents commend his work highly.

Students and pastors do not need another tome through which they must wade in order to gain an overview of Scripture. They need a compact handbook that directs them to the right questions and thus opens up further study.

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That is exactly what Grindheim has provided us. Where other scholars get bogged down examining the individual bricks and straw that make up the various books of the Bible, Grindheim soars over the whole canonical pyramid, discovering in the process the crucial pattern in the Scriptural mosaic: one God, one promise, one plan of salvation, one Savior, one people, one peace.

Introducing Biblical Theology is a wonderful map for beginning students who can't see the theological forest for the biblical trees. The reader will benefit from his examples of synthesis of biblical data, as well as his insights into the interpretation of challenging biblical passages. Grindheim provides students of the Bible with the type of entry point into its teaching that every Christian needs.

Encountering God: Teasing (out) themes in biblical theology

At a number of points, he shows that the Old Testament provides the vital foundation for understanding the teachings of the New Testament. It presents a seamless understanding of what the Bible proclaims, not just what others say about the Bible. He effectively translates his scholarship into a reader-friendly style which is clear and succinct. Jesus is the true and better Israel, but he incorporates those who put faith in him into the new Israelite community Gal.

John Collins: Encounters With Biblical Theology : The Pneuma Review

Jesus rises from the dead, fulfilling types of resurrection in the OT 1 Cor. Christ-centered preaching is unavoidably ecclesiological—he is the head, we are the body. Yes, we must preach Jesus from every text authentically by reading each passage in light of the entire canon of Scripture and the climax of redemptive history in Christ.

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And yes, the characters of Scripture ultimately point beyond themselves to the grace of God in his Son. But the New Testament authors,—in the context of a robust, Christ-centered biblical theology—do not shy away from presenting Old Testament characters as moral exemplars. Preaching that only employs biblical characters as moral exemplars is unbiblical.

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But preaching that fails to draw any moral implications from the lives of biblical characters is equally unbiblical. Heb Likewise, James encourages believers to be like the prophets, Job, and Elijah James — Paul even commends himself as someone the Corinthians ought to imitate 1 Cor.

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To be sure, preaching should primarily aim at transforming the heart. But transformed hearts still need to be taught to observe all that Jesus commanded Matt. Sermons that sound the same every week. Some redemptive-historical preaching can fall into the trap of saying the same thing week after week.