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    Lucy Cleary. Avoiding The Baby Battles. Teaching Good Decision Making Skills. The workout gets its name from the total number of repetitions. But those reps weren't done daily, as some media accounts report, Twight says. Rather, the workout was the finale of months of training, a kind of graduation test, after actors had weight lifted and trained with tools such as medicine balls and Kettlebells cast iron weights with handles. But before that graduation test, Twight says, there were months of work, transforming the actors and stuntmen not just physically but mentally, he notes.

    When they arrived, the men were at various starting points, says Twight, who trained Gerard, many co-stars, and stuntmen but not the women in the film. Some days guys lifted very heavy loads for a few reps. Some days guys did a series of miniworkouts that added up to an 'interesting' total load and volume.

    Some days guys did hard interval training on the Concept II rowing machine. Training for the actors required 90 minutes to two hours a day, five days a week, Twight says, plus the same amount of time fight training. Stuntmen trained 90 minutes to two hours, five days a week, and another four to six hours fight training, Twight says. Everyone was given just enough food to recover from the workout, he notes. At the end of the training, about half of those who trained took the test, Twight says.

    Andrew Pleavin, who plays Daxos, leader of the Arcadians, was the only actor to take it. He finished in 18 minutes and 11 seconds. Forget about trying to do the graduation test right out of the box, he says. No one could do this without prior training. You have to progress. Even if you start out slowly, Kraemer recommends proceeding with caution and checking in with your doctor first. The breakdown of muscle fibers, for instance, may be severe enough to be toxic to the kidneys , he says. It's not for a beginner. That does not mean if you are a beginner all hope is lost.

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